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RuneScape Yakamaru Teams and Strategies

RuneScape Yakamaru Guide

If you're hoping to tackle this RuneScape Yakamaru boss battle then this guide is the best to help you get clued up on all the information you have to know. We will discuss the actual fight and what happens when you attempt to fight the big boss fight. If you're new in RuneScape, don't miss this article for information on the top bosses to beat for RS3 beginners.

First of all, it's worth noting that throughout the battle you won't observe Yakamaru running for the largest part. The boss can be seen jumping between pools if his health is starting to diminish. The pools in the room will showcase a phase where Yakamaru presents different designs and skills. You will have to deal through five phases that will cause the equivalent of 5,600,000 in total.

During the fight, Yakamuru will strike everyone within a radius of 20x20. There won't be melee attacks in your direction, but rather magic attacks from a distance of melee. If you are three or more spaces from the boss, you will be targeted by attack ranges instead. These will include tentacles emerging out of the ground and striking the victim. To put this into perspective, players that attack Yakamaru have the potential to suffer injury from it. To stop this it is recommended to use Devotion or Debilitate throughout. This will lessen the harm that you do.



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