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Public Group March 27, 2023




Public Group March 27, 2023



Top Money Making Skills in OSRS

Public Group March 25, 2023

James Love

A complete list of the top methods to earn runescape gold from Old School Runescape - with extensive guides.

Nearly every activity in an activity in the Old School Runescape is associated with a Skill. There are a total of 23 Skills available in the OSRS. Every one of them starts at 1 and is able to be improved all the way to 99 (with the notable exception of Hitpoints which start with 10). The general power level of our character closely corresponds with the extent of his expertise as well as the gold-making abilities of our character, as well as grinding, and hunting possibilities (overall, high skills open many of the game's content). In other words, Skills are the name of the game in the OSRS and should not be ignored, especially if you want to make good Gold profit.

It is possible to level some of these Skills rapidly can be very time consuming (and upgrading them with no money input takes lots of effort and time) But many of them can be profitable at the beginning. Certain of the Skills provide the door to RS Gold Farming possibilities when you have them sufficiently leveled and could be used to earn a significant amount of money extremely efficiently. This Guide will go over the top money makers with the highest skill levels in the OSRS. The Guide will be organized as a summary, and extensive guides on every one of the featured Skills will be added shortly after (they are linked to the relevant sections when they are prepared).

RuneScape Yakamaru Teams and Strategies

Public Group February 9, 2023

James Love RuneScape Yakamaru Guide

If you're hoping to tackle this RuneScape Yakamaru boss battle then this guide is the best to help you get clued up on all the information you have to know. We will discuss the actual fight and what happens when you attempt to fight the big boss fight. If you're new in RuneScape, don't miss this article for information on the top bosses to beat for RS3 beginners.

First of all, it's worth noting that throughout the battle you won't observe Yakamaru running for the largest part. The boss can be seen jumping between pools if his health is starting to diminish. The pools in the room will showcase a phase where Yakamaru presents different designs and skills. You will have to deal through five phases that will cause the equivalent of 5,600,000 in total.

During the fight, Yakamuru will strike everyone within a radius of 20x20. There won't be melee attacks in your direction, but rather magic attacks from a distance of melee. If you are three or more spaces from the boss, you will be targeted by attack ranges instead. These will include tentacles emerging out of the ground and striking the victim. To put this into perspective, players that attack Yakamaru have the potential to suffer injury from it. To stop this it is recommended to use Devotion or Debilitate throughout. This will lessen the harm that you do.

ORS Maps List God Wars, Slayer Cave

Public Group February 9, 2023

James Love The maps for OSRS are created using modified versions that uses the RuneLite MapImageDumper script. It makes use of the game cache as the source for the maps. This provides easily updatable maps.

There are a variety of regions in old school RuneScape (OSRS) that it is common to spend time going between these different areas. The open world map built into the game isn't that great. It takes some time to find and open up the maps for places like such as the God Wars Dungeon or the Slayer Cave.

It's more efficient and less time-consuming to utilize maps from outside online rather than using the maps that are built into the game. Here's some of the Best OSRS Maps List for the most well-known areas.

OSRS Slayer Cave Map

The cave is located under beneath Tree Gnome Stronghold, the Slayer Cave is where you'll spend the majority of your time working on slayer assignments.

If you're new to Slayer it's difficult to locate your way across your way through the Slayer Cave. The best map is the Old School RuneScape Wikia map that can be found here. This showcases the arrangement and layout of Slayer Cave and explains what creatures are found in each region.

OSRS Stronghold of Security Map

Because The Stronghold Security Security is multi-leveled, it is extremely difficult to find maps that show every floor in detail.

One of our top Stronghold of Security maps is the map that is viewed from tip.it. This map showcases every floor of the Stronghold of Security and labels various areas. The whole map is accessible here.


Public Group January 25, 2023




Public Group January 25, 2023



What are the reason for male impotence problem

Public Group December 29, 2022

jeffer sam

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Old School Runescape Skotizo Solo

Public Group December 17, 2022

James Love Skotizo is a solo demi-boss that you can battle beneath the catacombs in Kourend. In order to access Skotizo one must give up the complete Dark Totem, which you can build from three different totem pieces dropped by monsters through the Catacombs. It can take a while to gather the three pieces, so it's not possible to farm Skotizo in the exact same way as other bosses that are solo like Zulrah or Vorkath However, he does however, have some very impressive drops, and he's also the only boss in the game to have an 99% drop rate for Clue Scrolls.

The main strategy of Skotizo is to just gear to maximize DPS while trying to find a balance between melee and magic defense. Skotizo tends to use melee attacks when within melee distance but will occasionally use magic attacks. To avoid this, you should pray melee when you're within melee range.

Skotizo will periodically activate the Awakened Altars that are located to the left, South the East, and west rooms. For each Altar which is 'active' Skotizo will increase his defense. The most powerful players may be able to leave the four Awakened Altars active and be able to hit through Skotizo's defense, but in the event that you don't have 90+ stats it is advised to allow no more than one or two Altars to be active at the same time.

When you're running around the room trying to get at the Altar's, alter your prayer to protect against magic and avoid damage from Skotizo's magic attacks.

Like all demons Skotizo is at risk to the power of demonbane weapons. If you are currently on the black or higher demon assignment, Skotizo could be susceptible to the Black mask/Slayer helmet advantages.

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