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Old School RuneScape Nightmare Zone Guide

A nightmare is mini-game that can be found near Yanille. In this mini-game , players confront quest-bosses within a dream-state. Many OSR players visit the nightmare zone in order to develop their range and melee. This zone has become very well-known for its AFK gameplay without the danger of dying because the nightmare zone is a safe mini-game.

The nightmare zone is hands down the most ideal place to train AFK in the old-school Runescape. In fact, it's so simple to master combat here that a lot of players hate it. At the nightmare zone any player is able to get 99 attacks strength, power and defense while watching Netflix or playing on another account, or even working. Are you already excited? Let's get going with this comprehensive OSRS Nightmare Zone Guide.

Additionally, to it being true that one are able to safely AFK training in the zone of nightmares, players come to the zone for benefits. The nightmare zone is the sole location where you can imbue things like slayer helmets as well as salve amulets and rings such as: ring of suffering, berserker ring or a warrior ring. You can also make money in the nightmare zone by using your points to purchase 15 herb boxes each day , earning 150k each day, or 4.5M monthly.

How to Get To OSRS's Nightmare Zone In OSRS

The area of the nightmare is in Yanille, the easiest way to reach it is using the mini-game menu called teleport. This menu is available to all player. The mini-game teleport menu can be located in your quest menu under the icon of the red gem.



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