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Grade 1 Math Fractions

The TeachAde Tutors take your children on a learning journey through Grade 1 Math Fractions, including skills such as Identify and Name Fractions, Parts of a Whole and Parts of a Group. There are fourteen learning activities, Math Grids and electronic worksheets to Concentration matching puzzles and instructional games.

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Dig Up the ½



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Adam Schule

Math concepts, such as addition, are frequently misunderstood by children. It's critical to assist them in dispelling those misunderstandings. Students can use visual aids to complete addition equations in the game. Students must acquire confidence in a subject by working at several degrees of difficulty in this game, which uses numbers inside 10. This game will help your toddler comprehend addition better. Concepts like addition can be perplexing for children, but with time and practice, they will become more accustomed to them. The game teaches students to pick the correct model and build a good understanding of addition by requiring them to use concrete things. You can read here why Games.lol is trending and click here to see more.

January 3, 2022, 9:10 am

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