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How Technology Enriches the Arts

How Technology Enriches the Arts Integration of arts and technology in education, advocate, Victor Rivero showcases five organizations that have impacted the artists and community. Tim Lefens of Artistic Realization Technologies, New Jersey, provides a facility whereby the staff professionally translate the severe and multiple challenged children and adults’ visions into insightful self-expressive artwork. Visit the website: Students at Memorial Middle School, New Hampshire, use free programs and simple technology for a fully integrated arts and technology program threaded through curriculum. The community is brought into the school via exhibitions, video conferencing, arts exchanges, and cultural events. Larry Frates, curriculum coordinator, spent five years working on this project and reminds participants to enjoy the process. Michael Simkins of Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership, California, provides teacher and administration workshops focused on creating worthwhile project based learning units culminating in multimedia productions maximizing student learning. Students need to learn how to implement technology and be aware of its pervasive impact throughout life. Visit the website: Joanne Tawfilis, Egypt, creates an international Art Miles Mural Project covering 12 miles of murals to be finished in 2010. Murals are made in the schools and posted and exhibited globally through an Art Miles webiste. Students have created their own Internet films about the project. Visit:, Bob Lenz, Envision Schools, San Fransisco, works with Charter Schools to integrate arts and technology. One of his schools ranked 10 in the California Academic Performance Academic Performance Index and he recommends a focus of “Rigor, Relevance, and Results.” Visit: I am pleased to hear integration is not dependent upon grant writing, although visiting one of the websites referred to in the article reveals that they received $800,000 worth of grant money. The extensive projects do take a commitment of both time and money. However, I will certainly check out possible free programs for my art students. I was deeply touched to read how students with extensive disabilities could find a place for deep self-expression that is easily decipherable to any individual. Rivero showcased 5 organizations and gives website access to see finished results, He was successful in that I wanted to read about more and different kinds of programs, and saw the potential of integrating technology and the arts in any kind of educational community. Participating internationally is truly exciting and students would see the importance and real world relevance to their creating a mural from a global perspective. I would like to have more information as to how each organization went about integrating the arts, and visiting their website be able to read about the process. Overall, the article was informative, and pointed to the possibilities of integrating arts and technology in many different formats. Bibliography: How Technology Enriches the Arts, Victor Rivero, August 2006, Technology Focus


This review was very informative for me as well. I had not heard of any of these 5 organizations and their websites. There is so much out there in cyberspace. You found some real treasures for art and technology integration.

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