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websites that require interaction

Although I've had a tripod site for my own personal information, this will be the first time I'm integrating my courses through the internet. As I am only beginning, I don't want it to be simply a place of basic information. Many course sites have important dates and some course outline, but I'm curious if anyone has tried to make their course websites more interactive? I'm working on getting a projector screen into my room so that we can view the website in class. I begin my class with a Daily Skill that I plan to post prior on the website. They work on it in class and have access to it when they get home, if necessary. I also require students to write a journal entry, so I'm attempting to utilize forms. This leads into having all my students having their own site, which I intend to create so I have their pswd and I am able to post their journal for them, with a mark and recommendations for changes and additions. These are just my beginning brainstorm ideas. Has anyone tried anything like this before?

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