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SMART Board??

Does anyone have access to a SMART Board and how do you use it in a math classroom. I have used it to show Applets and online virtual manipulatives, but how else can I use it?


I don't have one, but I really want one! You can use it instead of your white board/chalkboard too for your daily lessons If it is a true SMART Board (i.e. SMART brand) then it will capture everything you do and you can save it later to print out as notes for students who are absent, to accompany lesson plans, or even to create review files for students who are struggling. They are a wonderful tool for any classroom!

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I have a SMART Board in my classroom, and I have used it in a similar way. I have used it for one on one tutoring during classtime or during lunch for certain students (great way to engage those who need extra help! They're not embarassed to keep working on a concept because they get to use the cool screen!!) My department chair uses his as a notebook as well. When you write stuff or do things on the screen, you can save those images and print them later for students who were absent or for your own personal reference. I just started using mine this semester, so I am still learning.

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