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School year collaboration

How is your year going so far? Have you been able to touch base with your mentee? What successes or challenges have you encountered trying to get together?

Paula Hagerman

The beginning of the year certainly has been busy! However, my mentee Steve Brickson and I plan to meet next Tuesday for our first initial planning meeting ( we didn't get to meet during the August schedule days because of football practice). One interesting note that I would like to share with other mentors. I began the very first day with a power point with music that gave the schedule of the day, a thoughtful quote and the day in history. It was accompanied by appropriate music...Sharing by Jack Johnson. The students loved it. It got them in the mental climate to learn before the bell rang, set a tone for the rest of the class etc. I have done this everyday since and I love it. I am using that neat little connection to the TV that Pat ordered for us. One of the problems that I often have had in the past is getting the students settled down after their riotious experiences in the halls. By having this powerpoint up and running as they come in the room it makes them slow down and realize that the climate in the classroom is different than the climate in the halls. Thanks to all who made this possible!!!

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George Warriner

That sounds like a great idea! I wonder how long it will work for them? Perhaps you could put in some subliminal messages - like social studies content...hmmm is that ethical?

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