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AIDS Education

Resources for teaching AIDS are often difficult to find. I would really like to see what folks are doing out there in their classrooms. I have taught AIDS education to grades K-8 mainly through science classes. In the 7th grade I tag it onto the unit on Viruses and Bacteria. I was a microbiologist before becoming a teacher and worked in the field during the time that AIDS first appeared. I even remember the scientists from San Francisco coming into our company to teach us about these things called "universal precautions". That was a pretty scary time. I worked with low levels of radiation at the time and when i got pregnant transferred to working with the much safer things...blood. We actually worked with bloods without gloves. I truly believe that we have to educate students about this virus/disease in order to protect them. What are some of the resources others have used? And how have you dealt with this issue in classrooms?


Hi Joy,
I'm a fairly new teacher in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention. I have taught a series of 8 lessons a year and this is my 3rd year teaching it. Anyway, it is a powerful topic that defenitely gets students' attention. I was trained to use the red cross HIV/AIDS prevention unit. If you are interested in more details I'd be glad to share with you what it consists of and what I've done in the classroom

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