Meth Madness: Teenage Methamphetamine Abuse DVD

Methamphetamines are powerful stimulant drugs that can ruin lives. Crystal methamphetamine, also known as 'ICE,' is the newest and most potent form of speed on America's streets. In this video, you'll see how methamphetamine can damage your brain and learn about the adverse effects it has on the human body. Become aware of the many dangers that are associated with the production of this drug. Learn the names of organizations that can help young people to fight a methamphetamine addiction. The learning objectives for this DVD include: Students will learn how amphetamines and methamphetamines were used when they were first introduced. Students will learn about the damage that's inflicted on the body and brain when a young person abuses methamphetamines. Students will learn about the dangers posed by meth labs. Runtime: 21 mins


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