I Can Be Safe - A First Look At Child Safety

This friendly, informative book for kids aged from 4 to 7 acknowledges kids' fears and makes them aware of things they need in order to feel safe in different situations. They learn, for instance, to look both ways when crossing a road, to wear special clothing for sports, to know their parents' names, phone number, and emergency numbers, and many other details. This is an easy-to-understand series of books for younger children. Each title explores emotional issues and discusses the questions that arise among kids of preschool through early school age. Written by a child counselor and psychotherapist, each title promotes positive interaction among children, parents, and teachers. The books in this series are written in simple language that makes sense to younger kids. It also features a guide for parents on how to use the book, a glossary, suggested additional reading, and a list of resources. Author: Pat Thomas Pages: 29


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