Addiction Proof Your Child DVD

It's time to change our standard thinking about addiction, and do more than just say no to our children. Most won't become addicted, or destroy their lives because they have a real desire to succeed, and that keeps them away from addiction, even when recreational and prescription drug abuse, binge drinking, anorexia and constant overeating are very common. The author is an addiction expert who explains that it's normal for most kids to try alcohol and drugs. In straightforward, precise terms, this book teaches parents how to introduce good qualities by showing children how to be proud of their accomplishments, how to become composed questioners, and very patient listeners. Parents must resist the need to control, and if they drink, teach their kids how to drink in moderation at home. This is a sensible, valuable book to use, even if your child has never had a drop, or has used alcohol or drugs, or is already abusing them.


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