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Dr. Z,

This website is amazing. I always hear that teachers should use more technology in my math class but we are not provided with resources in how to get started. I typed in a topic in the search engine and received a lesson plan on technology and mathematics immediately. Thanks!



Hi Laura;
I taught High School Algebra for 4 years. During that time I developed a series of "PC Labs" to utilize web-based activities to reinforce my lessons. When I would offer it to other teachers most were not interested in using them-
despite the fact that I provided the activity - & the worksheet I created. I guess they did not feel comfortable with the technology. Now I am working on a Professional Development workshop for teachers to use these "PC Labs". It worked for me! I think the key is gaining a comfort level. Plus I want to make use of my ED Tech degree -- & my thesis was based on it! YOU can use my LINKS on my website & click on the MATH link on the Left. These are the activities I used & tested .

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