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How Do You Develop a Love for Math In your Students

I'm a pre-service teacher and I been helping my nephew who is in the third grade with is math homework. And he has been struggling with a lot of the concepts and is not understanding the concepts the way his teacher has been explaining it to him and he is quickly falling behind, becoming discourage and says he hates math. What would teachers like yourselves who love math suggest I do to help him and other students that I will come across maybe not love math but have a more positive attitude toward Math.

Judy B

I think that most important thing we can do for our students is to show them that math is everywhere. We can apply every math concept to everyday life. If your nephew loves sports, multiply the number of players by their times at bat. If he loves nature, add and subtract using the number of trees or birds in the park. Pull out Legos and group them - get his hands on the objects and his mind will wrap around the concepts.

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I work with third grade and I think that students are going to have some difficulties at whatever grade level they are in. The best way I found that works for me is to make math fun and in ways they are able to understand. Visuals are something that can help them stay concentrated and focused on what you are trying to explain to them. Granted it might be a little more difficult for the fourth and fifth graders but explaining to them the concept slowly, in words they can understand, and repetition is a good way to go.

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Explain the concepts with visuals. For example, for fractions use to explain a whole use an orange and then divide into two to explain ½ , put the two ½ together and show him how the two ½ make a whole, then cut them into ¼ and do the same as you did with the two ½. Math is everywhere in our lives! I know that when we were kids we all said we were never going to use it again, but the truth is that we do. Make it fun, try it every kids’ favorite food: pizza!

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