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changed game

Teaching has definitely changed. I recall exciting science days, plays, performances, classroom pets, and field trips. Nowadays teaching seems to rely on boring lectures, misuse of multimedia devices, and test preparations. I think most teachers lack the incentive for improvement, and now more than ever teachers are under constant scrutiny. Education has become a war, and the ones that are losing are the children. Many are leaving school too soon or too under-prepared. When does education become the primary concern? When do we begin to pull back the curtain and realize there must be a shift in the structure of our society? Instead of placing such extreme value on popular culture how about reinvesting into those that literally hang in the balance?

Stephanie Villarreal

Yes, I agree that teaching has changed not for the better but for the worst. I feel that schools put to much emphasis on test scores and put an extreme amount of pressure on kids today. The shortening of recess is an unhealthy for children because they don't have any room to release their tension from all the anxiety they may be feeling from the loads of work the children receive.

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