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Governor Romer discusses education recommendations on CNN


Governor Romer discusses education recommendations on CNN is now live on the home page.

From the Governor's Blog

Thursday, October 30, 2008

CNN and the Wall Street Journal Focus on Education

Coming off the detailed discussion on education at the close of the final Presidential debate, we’ve seen the media pick up on the issue – and really delve into specifics.

Yesterday, I filmed a segment on education for CNN. Time on television is fleeting. In the new 24-hour news cycle, devoting nearly six minutes to a single issue – especially when economic news and campaign coverage rule the day – is strong in-depth coverage. I was happy to discuss with them important issues such as quality teachers, college affordability and benchmarking standards to the best nations in the world. I hope you’ll take a look:

Today, the Wall Street Journal offered a useful comparison on where the candidates stand on issues such as school choice, teachers, early childhood education and No Child Left Behind.

With so few days left in the campaign, we probably won’t hear much talk from the candidates on specific issues. That’s why it’s important the media continue the discussion on important issues facing our nation. All of the issues we face – the uncertain economy, national security, health care and so many others – have a common link: we can’t solve them without improving our schools and preparing the next generation of students.

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