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Hello Dr. Zieger, I just joined teachade and I look forward to exploring this site, which after just a few minutes of browsing already appears to be a great resource.



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Hello Dr. Zieger,

I am looking forward to the site. I feel a bit overwhelmed with the posts at times. But nonetheless I am trying to get use to posting ideas and resources with others.

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Hey there Dr. Z,
I signed up a few days ago but actually had a chance to sit down and explore today during a prep period. This is an amazing site filled with endless resources. Thank you for introducing this to me. I already have found several hands on ideas to use in my physical science classroom. The old ones get broing after a

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Yes, I finally was able to check this site out. I had never heard about it. In my few minutes of browsing I saw a few resources that I might be able to use. Many thanks.

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I'm finally on. The site looks good so far, I still have a lot more exploring to do though. One thing I was happy about though was the fact that I could use my numbers-only password that I love to use for years now. Whenever I see the "must have at least 1 letter" or "must begin with but not end with a letter" nonsense, I wanna strangle somebody. Does that bother anybody else, or am I just a raving lunatic?

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Hi, Dr. Z! I realized after my first post that I should have replied to this one. I'm looking forward to looking through this site. Al Kazanfer

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I finally found my way. This is a cool place. I can't wait to put it to good use. Thanks for introducing me to Teachade. Ken Grasso

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Dr. Z,
I made it here! Thanks!!
Danielle P.

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Hello, it is Gary Paxton viewing the site again for more resources.

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I thought I joined Z's Learners back in Lesson 3 or so when I joined teachade, but when I checked-in today, I couldn't find my posting. I'm giving it another try. I have used this teachade a lott over the past few months and its great. Thanks again for the suggestion. Debbie L.

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Hi Dr. Z,
I finally made it!! I had signed on earlier but got so into looking at the resources and getting information for my classroom that I never made it here. Thanks for the link. I look forward to sharing ideas with everyone.
Also, I found your list of math websites under math resources from 2006. Thanks I plan on using them at work.

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I'm back for more of teachade. I updated my profile and placed a temporary photo of my legs. Try to guess where the photo was taken.

Clues: Cheesesteak, Hy Lit, Rodin

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