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Tapped In

Many of you have experimented with Tapped In from my DIstance Learning course. They have a group on here and may be working with Teachade to create a synchronous tool. Join the group!

Laura Zieger

Go to Tapped In and check out the new teachade building! <P>
If you haven't taken the Intro to Distance Learning course, then you may not be familiar
with Tapped In ( Those of you who have had that course with me
have had the opportunity to explore.
Tapped In is a multi-user virtual environment (MUVE) for educators. It is a "place" set
up like a campus, kind of, with buildings, floors, rooms and offices. Teachers can join
the community for free. While there, you can explore rooms that are created by groups
with resources. You can also synchronously chat (in real-time) with other members that
are logged in at the same time.
If you are unfamiliar with Tapped In (TI), I suggest you start on the main page with the:
Interface Guide and What Can Educators Do here? When you log in, you will find very
helpful volunteers in the Reception.
Look at the After School Online (ASO) event calendar. The events are hosted by
experts. I highly recommend the Tips and Tricks Seminar (for beginners).
I'm telling you all of this as Teachade now has a building in Tapped In. This means you
can create an office in the Teachade building to call your own. You will also be able to access a chat room directly through Teachade (so you won't have to open Tapped In every time you wanted to chat in real time--you could access it through Teachade). <P>
I may try an open chat office hour in the fall semester! :)

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Dr.Z., I joined the Tapped In group at Teachade. I wanted to mention that at the Tapped In site the member sign up page writes: "You are not registering for Tapped In as an affiliate for any particular tenant. The current tenants include ACOE, APU, CIC, CLU, CTQ, MPS, NETTS, NSBA, NWP, Pepperdine, Teachade, TLINC, and TNE. If you think you are a member of one of these organizations, please do not use the form below. Instead, contact the Tapped In liaison for your organization and ask for the url of the registration form you should use to register as a tenant affiliate." I write this message with the quesition "How to sign up if I am a member of Teachade?" I just wanted to post this here just in case anyone from our class "Using the Internet for Education or the Z group wants to sign up too.
This message was passed on to the Tapped In Group at Teachade along with the question on how to sign up.

You mentioned (at our class site) a place we can go at the Tapped In web site to leave you a message......can you post it here too?

Thank you!

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Laura Zieger

Diane- I'm posting your question to the Teachade people. Thanks for the heads up! Stay tuned for the answer!

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Thanks - I look forward to joining this site!


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