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Favorite professional website

What is your absolute favorite educational website? If this site went down, you would be very upset. Share with us the best thing on the web! For me, I think is one of the best tools out there. I have many sites that I visit regularly. Bloglines allows me to subscribe and simply check one site to see all new updates to many sites. It saves me a lot of time and keeps me updated.


Dr. Z,
I don't know how you keep up with everything! Bloglines is very nice, I just subscribed. I teach Italian and if went down, I would be lost!

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One site that I use very often is I am a high school math teacher, and this site contains so much useful information for math teachers, including FAQ's, places to ask math related questions, links to numerous websites containing math lesson plans, and so much more. If this site went down, I would be lost.

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I use to make word search puzzles for each week's set of spelling words and for holiday sponge activities. I also use if for lesson ideas. I also like Marco Polo. ed It is a federally sponsored corporate backed group of websites for all the subjects.

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Hi everybody! Actually, my favorite educational website is I love to go to this site and find math games for my 4th grade students to play. They truly enjoy using technology to learn math. I like to give them this opportunity sometimes and funbrain is a great place to go to find these resources/games.

Ryan Ferber

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Laura Zieger

Hey- Let's post these links to our favorites in this group (Z's Learners). Try it out!

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My favorite site as a world language educator is Although there is a part of it for which you need to be a paying member, there are still so many shared resources available. It has tons of vocabulary activities, games and drills. According to the site, it offers more than 100 areas of subjects-worth of resources for educators.

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"Gizmos! Online simulations that power inquiry and understanding."

This is a site that requires a fee but is really terrific with simulations and prompts the students to really think. It ends with an assessment that is automatically placed into the teachers page under the students name. I love using this site with the students and they loving working this site. This site is worth checking out.
Gizmos can be found at:

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