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13th Warrior and Beowulf

I'm getting ready to teach Beowulf to my regular senior classes next week; my College English kids are reading it this week (and LOVE it -- I'm so excited to have a group of kids who get into reading) and several of them mentioned the movie 13th Warrior (which I haven't seen). Anyone used this with Beowulf before? Did it work? Any suggestions? I'm not sure if I even have time to squeeze it in, and if it isn't going to add anything to their learning, I don't want to bother juggling things for it. Thanks in advance!


There's a more recent movie out there called "Beowulf and Grendel" which adheres more to the original story. The biggest divergence is that you are led to sympathize with the monster more than you would in the original. It stars Gerard Butler from "300" and is rated "R" for a brief nudity, violence and language.

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