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These in-service days which allow us to share across grade levels are so beneficial. It's great to see how writer's workshop is going in all the different classrooms. It also helps me realize that I am doing well with my writing instruction, but still have areas to work on. The ideas and resources that we share will only make us that much better as teachers. Thanks for a great day. Dave


I agree with Dave. I am sorry about going on and on at the end of the meeting the other day. I can talk about reading and writing all day if you don't stop me. There are so many problems to solve and issues to think about when you are trying to provide your children with the best instruction possible. I think that will always be the case. Professionals are always grappling with how to improve and with implementing innovations. The beauty of all of this is how you all come together to put your thoughts and ideas out there as you reflect deeply on what will work to help our children to learn. It's beautiful. Writing workshop will challenge us to think deeply, but I believe that in the long run the rewards will be great. All I ask is that you try. When you are stuck for ideas come to this site, go to your colleagues at work, call Elaine, call me, call John, read a book or an article. Or, best of all, sit down and try writing what you are asking your students to write and think deeply about your own process for writing and the struggles you encounter. Or, take a walk in the park and admire the beauty of life and people. Those moments can evolve into your mini-lessons. No one person knows it all. As a community, we know a lot.

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I still love school so I'm receptive to the Staff Development stuff. I worry about talking too much Tuesday, too. Since you're the guru you don't have to worry, we hang on your every word! Funny, the more I learn, the less I know (or the less I know that I know) I feel that after eight years I am finally figuring out a few of the questions so I can begin to sort through some of the answers. This I know, all I really feel like teaching right now is the writing. The rest of it bores me...

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The staff development day was an excellent day! I loved hearing what's going on in the upper grades. It made us kinders feel that the base we are giving the kids really helps prepare them for what's to come. I agree with the idea that we have so much to learn though. I am feeling very green with this program and glad we ahve the room to explore with it. I never mind when you guys go on and's all relevant...usually! just the fact that there was a comfort level to do that kind of sharing was a good thing. I hope we have more opportunities to share that way again soon!

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I thought the day went great- most importantly, I think it was well received. I think the structure of the day & the media center really lended itself to a great discussion!

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Today's inservice was beneficial in that it reminded me about teachade. I'm hopeful that this year we will be able to use it to share ideas and help each other implement the program. In some ways this year is more of a challenge than last.

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