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Use this thread to tell about yourself-- where do you teach (city, state)? What grade level? What do you like best about it? Worst about it?


I taught middle school English in Queensbury, NY for the past four years. I wanted new challenges, so I am moving to the high school this September. Any advice or comments?

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Laura Zieger

You are brave! :) Actually, I think high school students are *easier* (if there is such a thing) than middle school students. Anyone agree or disagree?

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High school kids are definitely easier, especially beyond 9th grade. I find 10th graders and up to be a little more mature, independent and laid-back...

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I can't STAND middle school kids. All those churning, confusing hormones and don't-know-how-to-deal-with-it-yet body odor ... they drive me up the wall. I did one of my field experiences in an honors 7th grade, and even that wasn't fun. They weren't bad kids; they were just junior high.

Personally, I'm best with the upperclassmen at the high school level. I have a low, low tolerance for immaturity, and the sophomores I've had in the past drove me pretty nuts. I've never had the "joy" of freshmen, but I'm pretty sure I'd go insane. ;)

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Laura Zieger

No, but seriously, tell us how you really feel! LOL I hear you loud and clear. Come to think of it, I couldn't stand MYSELF at that age. heh heh I think freshmen are easier because they are so intimidated being in a new school.

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I am not so sure that freshmen are easier. In my situation which is now common for all of Jersey City' s public high schools, we have separate freshman academies. My school actually has a separate building for them although they go to the main building for lunch and gym. They don't get much of an opportunity to be intimidated.
At times, I think a little intimidation might help to quicken their maturity. They love to playfight as a way of showing friendship and sometimes affection. It is challenging. I teach only freshmen including repeaters.
One of my best classes was a group of sixth graders in another time and place. I have taught in some form just about all ages and believe that each group brings pleasure along with the challenges.
My favorite high school level to teach has been juniors. They are in it for the distance and have yet to hear from colleges which is often a problem with seniors.It is also when American Literature is taught -my favorite. By the way, it has been a while since I have been assigned Juniors.

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Three ninth-grade Regent's level courses, 1 freshman Regent's Modified course, and 1 junior Regent's level class ... and three months into the school year, I'd have to say that high school is much more comfortable than the middle school.

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I'm a secondary english teacher. This year, I'll be teaching English 3 (juniors), English 4 (seniors -- it's sort of an elective b/c our school only requires 3 English creds for graduation), and College English (seniors, dual-enrollment).

This is my third year teaching at the high school level; I spent two years teaching college freshmen as a GradAss while I was getting my Master's. I'm really excited to pull out my old freshmen comp stuff to teach the dual enrollment class this year (which is through the same university I was at before).

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My name is Larry Reiff and I'm in my first year of teaching English at Roslyn HIgh School in New York. I work with both 9th and 11th grade students and I also do some SAT tutoring on the side.

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My name's Ivy Nielsen. I teach at a small high school in eastern Iowa. We're on a 4x4 block, so I only have two preps: English 9 & English 12. I really enjoy my 9th graders. They have so much energy and are willing to share. I'm enjoying my seniors this year, also. There are a few avid readers who are willing to admit to it, and they just have a nice blend of personalities.

I enjoy being an English teacher in general, but I've come to the sad realization that I will never cease to hate grading papers. I'm not fond of grading as a whole, but big stacks of essays depress me almost beyond recovery.

It's nice to 'meet' you!

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