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Adult ELL students and technology

The article I read was Using Computers with Adult ESL Literacy Learners. It was an informative article on the various computer programs adults can use to aid in developing another language. The article emphasized how trends now-a-days are moving away from the traditional drill and practice learning, (although it is still sometimes used depending on the situation), and leaning towards a more communicative and functional that fits the learners needs. The article also mentioned the importance of the instructor, not only the program. Having an instructor that can choose, adapt, and use appropriate programs is highly effective. There is very little software designed for adults, so it’s very important for the instructor to review material before implementing. Initially, I was looking for an article that talked about the benefits of technology with children who are English Language Learners. All the articles I found were geared toward adult learners. However, this article stated that most of the studies and research were with children. I didn’t find any, so I chose the next best, adults. I found the information informative. I wasn’t quite aware of all the technological resources that are available. Examples like, pen pals, word processing, data gathering, bulletin boards, and other various media. The article was very positive and promoted the use of computers when using learning a new language. I only wish the author listed programs and websites that could be used. Other than that, I look forward to this class and learning fun, exciting, and effective ways to approach teaching SEI. Eric Identifier:ED343462 Publication Date: 1990-11-00 Author: Huss, Susan- and others Source: National Clearinghouse on Literacy Education Washington DC


That is surprising you couldn't find any about children. I think technology has been used a lot with this group.

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