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Start Your Students Thinking about ThinkQuest

Teaching and exposing students to the World Wide Web and to global education is exciting for all learners from ages 9 – 19 in this new ThinkQuest competition deadline for entries April 2007. A competition maybe, but this program is available to members from 17 countries. What a way to learn about other cultures, traditions, customs. Participating students have the opportunity “to practice research, writing technology and teamwork skills” over a period of 8 months with peers in a cross-cultural experience and globally. Learning standards are observed by teachers and several websites become future resource sites. Final projects are presented to a team of professionals. The exciting thing about technology both in a personal and professional capacity is that there is so much to learn and I feel I cannot learn it fast enough. Somehow one needs to have the luxury of time, not a commodity always available! I am part of that generation who came to this much later in life, but it does open a world so wide of knowledge, an insatiable resource for teaching, the digital age is wonderful and I feel so lucky to be part of this era. The most rewarding aspect is that anyone can be a lifelong learner if the desire is there. Even if one does own a computer, or the means to have one, there are public libraries free to all. Bibliography: Article “Start Your Students Thinking about ThinkQuest” Source Think Quest


"The most rewarding aspect is that anyone can be a lifelong learner if the desire is there."
and that is what all of us in this non-digital generation need to be. Sadly many educators think they should not have to learn anything new. And then there is the whole other group who wants to but just doesn't have time, like you said.

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