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Asking the right questions

As we develop the survey we have to get the questions right to begin with. We have started by interviewing several teachers to learn what is on their minds. Any guess as to what questions are on their minds?

Laura Zieger

As I have been teaching teachers how to integrate technology I am usually faced with the same questions. Here is a short list: <BR>
1. How do I get technology? Most classrooms have 1 or 2 computers, and labs are overbooked and inconvenient. Most schools do not have dedicated grant writers.<BR>
2. How do I maintain the technology (troubleshoot problems, upgrade, etc.)? If the school doesn't have a technology facilitator (and many are being cut from budgets) then support is limited.<BR>
3. What about student cybersafety? Many schools block internet searching, blogs, etc. Are teachers held liable?<BR>
4. What about the digital divide? Is is ethical to require computer work if students don't have access at home?<BR>
5. How does technology help teachers meet the NCLB or state standards?<BR>
6. What programs will help teachers to use time more efficiently, rather then eating up more of their time? <BR>
7. How can technology help with classroom management issues?<BR>
<P> These are just a few of the general ed tech questions.

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