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What is Tapped In?

Tapped In® is a Web-based, open source online environment for communities of education professionals (approximately 20,000 individuals worldwide). Established in 1996 with research funding from the National Science Foundation, Tapped In supports teacher education and professional development programs conducted by universities, education agencies, and national organizations, as well as more than 800 groups of educators, researchers, and students. The interface metaphor is a campus with buildings, offices, and group rooms, each equipped with text chat, threaded discussion, file and link storage, and other features. Community volunteers staff a live help desk and host monthly After School Online colloquia [] on a wide range of education topics. Individual membership and use of all facilities is free. Tapped In is owned and managed by SRI International [], a non-profit research and development institution, and funded by grants, sponsorships, and "tenant" organizations that have private buildings.


Hi - I was introduced to Tapped In by my professor. I wanted to sign in but at the new member sign in page the following message was written:

"You are not registering for Tapped In as an affiliate for any particular tenant. The current tenants include ACOE, APU, CIC, CLU, CTQ, MPS, NETTS, NSBA, NWP, Pepperdine, Teachade, TLINC, and TNE. If you think you are a member of one of these organizations, please do not use the form below. Instead, contact the Tapped In liaison for your organization and ask for the url of the registration form you should use to register as a tenant affiliate."

I am a member of Teachade.
Please advise me on how to sign up for Tapped In? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Diane Zuccaro

[ report as inappropriate ] August 15, 2006, 12:00 am

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