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First weeks of school

Many of you are beginning your first weeks of school. What is going on in your classrooms? Share some of your stories and the events that are happening. Let's all benefit from each other.


I switched classrooms because my class is smaller this year than it was last year. I went from six students down to four, and let me tell you, it's great! I have the lowest functioning students in the building, but last year, a few of the kids were extremely challenging. To the point that I wanted to quit at times, to be completely honest. This year, while the kids are still low, it's a very different atmosphere. My students still have behaviors, but they are not nearly as severe as some of the others that I've dealt with last year. We (me and my staff) were saying that this is the first time we're actually excited to go to work in a long time! That is how draining last year was.

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It took 2 solid months to be able to lift our heads up and look around since we have 7 students along with
two separate all day K classes, two in half day classes, and each on had a different lunch time. Since that was impossible we picked a common lunch time for all kids who are there for the meal. All of our kids are lower functioning and I too felt like quitting at first. Things are better now though and I'm feeling a lot more optimistic.
We were given some badly needed additional staffing which helped enormously and we can all get a lunch!
As horrible as it felt at first, I'm happy to say now that I'm very pleased with the progress we've made so far.

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