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First thread in Special Ecuation Forum

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Joy Lopez

Since so many are new teachers in this field, use this space to share helpful tips for new teachers. You might want to post questions for others to help you with or helpful tips and tricks.

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I'd like to know what people may think are the best activities/teaching strategies to implement in the inclusive classroom when related to working with special needs students.

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I don't know if ours is the best, but we've implemented two music/circle times per day to appeal to ages K-2.
Our kids vary all over the place within their abilities in autism, cerebral palsy and Angelman's. It's taken a good
solid two months, but they're all learning to listen to cues, the music, shapes & colors. We're working on concepts of big and small now. After our cirlce times we break out into working on individual IEEP goals and objectives twice a day: language arts in the am and math in the afternoon. An individually scheduled Intellitools session for each one on the computer takes place daily and then an entire group session with intellitools on the computer as well.
I also sometimes use on some of my students who are ready for more advanced work.

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