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Money, money, I need money

The poster maker for the school is located in the media center. It is in critical condition. My problem is I don't have enough money in my budget to replace it. I conatcted the PTA begging for some money but received a lukewarm reception. The PTA uses the poster maker and the compnay rep gave several good ideas for fundraisers using the poster maker. I need ideas to help sell the PTA on making the purchase. The PTA can recover most of the inital purchase coast with some simple fundraisers. The current PTA fundraiser is not going well. How many school t-shirts can one family own????? The PTA needs new ideas but these ladies don't like to be told that. Any suggestions you have would be helpful.

Laura Zieger

Any chance you could talk a local business into matching funds? How about contacting a store like Best Buy and asking if they would match the PTA's efforts?

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The PTA told me about a local business that has been "very supportive" in the past. I am waiting for the PTA to decide what if any money it will contribute.

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I am new to the group but saw your posting and hope it isn't too late or you got your machine fixed. Have you tried fundraisers that don't involve selling? Restaurants like Applebee's, Red Robin, and Pizzeria Uno have programs called Dining to Donate. You chose a night, usually a weeknight M-Th, and send out flyers inviting family and friends to dine out. Usually a proceeds of 10% of the sales from those from the school or with flyers from the school will go back to the school. Supermarkets like ACME and Shoprite also do fundraisers with gift cards. families purchase food gift cards through the school and the school makes money from them. i don't know the details but people have to grocery shop, why not help the school as well, no extra money is put out. an additional fundraiers that I know little of is it is a search engine that allows you to decide where you want money donated. for each search you do on the site, money is donated to the organization you choose. These are easy fundraisers that won't have school families buying candy, clothing, wrapping paper or candles. Try them out.

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