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Interactive White Boards - Pros/Cons

Hi all,

I am currently student teaching and am interesting on your thoughts on IWBs. I have never used one before, but on of my professors uses one and it seems incredible. What are your opinions? Any pros/cons?

Thanks for your time!

Leah Newton

I've noticed that interactive white boards have been getting more user-friendly as the technology improves. I first used one about five years ago when I was in college. It took a while for the words and images that I draw on the board to display, and then they would jump around. I don't have that problem anymore with the newer boards. In my opinion, it's great because it's like projecting a computer screen on a white board, but without the hassle of moving back and forth between the board and the computer.

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Todd K

Hi Leah,

I am a high-school student that is lauching a legal business that designs portable and affordable interactive whiteboards for educators. As a part of my market study, I need educators to complete a survey. Is it possible for you to complete the short 2 minute survey and also be willing to share this with other groups? I would really appreciate it! Here is the like to my survey:


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callah stoicoiu

I have used interactive whiteboards in the art classroom and have found it extremely valuable to my teaching! Using interactive whiteboards makes it easy for me to turn lectures/discussions into engaging activities that students can actually participate in, rather than just sit and take notes. For example, I am able to use the SmartBoard Notebook tool to show art project demonstration on a large screen so that every student can view the demonstration. Students can also come up to the board and participate in the demonstrations, making it fun and engaging for them! Also, Notebook comes with lesson presentations you can use in your own lessons.
Hope this helps!

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