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21 Century Skills

Greetings everyone! I am working with a district on 21 Century Skills. They are very interested in making sure they are integrated, but yet they are nervous about the web 2.0 tools and using them. So here are my questions- do you think you can teach 21 Century Skills without any of the web 2.0 tools? What are you doing to integrate the 21 Century Skills in your classroom? What would you suggest to a teacher ready to integrate 21 Century skills? What do you consider to be the 21 Century Skills?

Leah Newton

I agree with kbenson that schools can teach media literacy as a foundation for 21st century skills. With so many resources available for students to access, it is important for them to be able to evaluate which ones are legitimate and trustworthy.

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Great question!
I think 21st Century skills can be taught without the web 2.0 tools. I think we must start with where our districts are now. My district too is not ready to have students use web 2.0 tools within the school building during the day. I think eventually that will change, but we can't wait until it does. Visual literacy and media literacy can be taught through thoughtful evaluation of images, media, and websites.
This is a great place to start and will help students be ready when the fear of web 2.0 is reduced. Also, in the interim, have students create digital media for authentic (yet controlled audiences). For example, digital stories can be burned to CD/DVD for parent viewing.

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Maybe some of the skills can be taught but for the most part we need to realize that the WEb 2.0 skills are in our students lives and we need to adopt, accept and teach responsible intelligent use of them.

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