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Science Fair

How do you guide your students through the science fair process? I have started a folder for resources to help. Please feel free to add more resources so that we can all benefit from what we each know.

herbert riggs

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Joy Lopez

When I first started doing science fairs, I wondered how to get the students to begin working. I looked through so many different text based resources trying to find something to help the kids. I was looking for something similar to what I used to teach research papers. I came across a booklet that had the students do a brainstorm activity first. The graphic was like a tornado, in other words a flurry of ideas were first found. From these ideas, the students then started to group them and put them in categories. From this point, students went through books at the library to help them find ideas for projects. Now with the Internet, the resources are easily available. I wonder sometimes if we are losing some of the pre-work though if we just have students go straight to the online projects. What about the ideas that were generated before going to the text materials? Just some thoughts.

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