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Pluto,0,1325722.story?coll=la-home-headlines What do you guys think about today's decision on Pluto? What are some ways you are thinking about discussing this in the classroom?


It has been a long time coming.

Glad they decided on dwarf planet rather than Plutons. Still think the term minor planet sounds good.

I think the kids are more shock up than we are because most of them haven't been in on the debate over the years. I think this will be a nice memory for them unlike some other space exploration disasters.

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well I taught astronomy toward the end of June this year and I incoporated into my lesson of how Pluto was questioned as a planet or not? There was a article in the holt physical science book on it. I had questions for them and then they had to formulate thier own opinion and suppor thier answers with evidence.
So now that it's gone public, I think my students probably got a kick out of it. Which is awesome because science is always changing, science is all about exploration, inquiry and all the good stuff.

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Joy Lopez

Pluto's category has been in question since it was found. It 's size, being terrestrial, odd orbit, and then that annoying "moon" - Charon that is nearly Pluto's size, all made it's identity a bit sketchy. From all the posts folks have written, I almost think it was better now knowing what it was. Everyone had such great ideas for having the students compare/contrast and formulate decisions regarding it's identity. Alas, we have the current what?

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