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Beginning of the year activities

How do you get the students started in science at the beginning of the year? This would be a good place to share some of these ideas to help others get their classes up and running. One of the things I like to do is a messy activity right away. Something like Bubbleology is a great one. I have added a link to this activity in the resources of Teachade. With Bubbleology all you really need is bubble solution (Dawn dishsoap + glycerin). Then I have the students use it on the desks to blow the biggest bubble they can. I have them work in teams of three to encourage interaction and cooperation. I have a bunch of different items out for them to use to measure the size of the bubble after it pops (did you know a bubble left a bubble ring that you can measure?). By using alternate items to measure with, the students create their own measuring system (i.e. unifix cubes, blocks). With their own measuring system I can have them measure other things in subsequent lessons. This ties into some of our old methods of measuring (i.e. stones for measuring weight in England, hands for measuring horses, fathoms for measuring ocean depth). I love doing this activity because it gets the kids thinking out of the box and gets them excited about science. No boring text book for them!

Joy Lopez

This is a cool webquest a student of mine made that I thought some of you might enjoy. It is primarily for grades 3-8 and deals with the rainforest. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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