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A New Beginning?

Hi, Uli! It sounds like you have made some major changes in your life and in schools, too. Why do you find yourself fighting the "tide" of culture? Why not just go with the flow? I remember when I moved to another state and went from private to public school - now there's a change for an educator! I went to asking, "What 4 year college will you be attending?" to "So, you're hoping to get a job at the local diner washing dishes?" It was dramatic for me but I found that the pace was alright after a while because I was getting older and needed the "slow down and go no where" attitude. Everything will work out - there's a reason why you're where you are - children always need that special person and I believe you're one special teacher!

How about other members? Have you experienced Uli's "change in culture" and are wondering what you've gotting into??? Let us hear from you. Any advice you can share would be grateful.

Kathleen Montclair

School System Stages 'Walk-In' Day!
Did anyone hear about teachers in Guilford County, NC who were encouraged by the system to wear red in support of public education while the system invited parents, and business and community partners to come to the schools and to show their support? This request stems from a protest from educators to stage a statewide walkout which was held on November 4. Teachers in GCS, even with severe budget cuts, the teachers opted to support the 'walk-in' vs the walkout to show their support. NC teacher pay ranks 46th in the US and has lost more than $42 million in state funding in the last five years. What would you have done? I think I might have participated in the statewide walkout. How about you?

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Corrie Grimm

Why do so many teachers appear unhappy with their jobs? If they are that unhappy, how on earth are they teaching our children ethics and values when they don't care whether the child learns or not! Can a teacher explain this to me???

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Corrie, I believe many teachers are unhappy with their jobs because the leadership in their schools and districts try to diminish the "art of teaching" at the expense of the "science of teaching". Of course both are important, but few teachers enter the profession because they want to be a robot.

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Kathleen Montclair

Isn't that what states are doing by making us teach to a test. Our state has not yet adopted the Common Core Curriculum so we MUST teach to a test. Some of these skills our students will never use in the working world. We are not preparing out students for the future. Some students need to be ready for college while others need to be ready to go to work, follow directions and be respectful and thrilled they have a job. What am I missing. Education needs to be fixed!

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